Acquiring a Taste for Sangria


Junior year of college I spent a summer in Madrid, Spain. I learned a lot of things like how to make sangria, the artistic transitions of Goya and how to stay up until 7 am dancing. The most important thing I learned about myself was I needed to travel. I was working on a degree in psychology and my options after college were get a master’s or be a waitress. Then I realized I could travel. So now I am almost done with my TESOL license and about to get my bachelor’s degree. I’m starting this blog to record my adventures and perhaps maybe make travel a part of my career, whatever career that maybe.





The journey begins on August 9th to Budapest for Szigest. It’s been rated on several travel sites as one of the best European music festivals. The headliners include Placebo, Deadmaus, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Outkast, Skrillex and more. After that I’ll have two weeks in Paris. I’m hoping to find a workaway host while I’m there to lower my costs. Then finally I’ll be taking a RyanAir flight to Madrid, Spain. There I will attempt to find a job teaching English. I have many plans to travel during breaks and weekends. Perhaps after my teaching abroad experience I’ll live abroad somewhere else or backpack through Europe or maybe come home and figure out adulthood. It is a giant question mark I’m excited to turn into an exclamation point.

My blog will be about me soul searching for the answers I need in life. I’ll be having fun and enjoying my youth while I can and hopefully entertaining readers with all the debauchery involved.

So here’s to seeing how long I can delay adulthood/ travel the world/ search my soul and I hope you follow my adventures.


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