A Letter to My 30-Year-Old Self

Dear 30-year-old-self,

I’m 23 right now. I’ve been to 8 different countries, had 2 serious boyfriends and going to be done with college in August.   I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the tectonic shift in my life ahead of me. I decided I’m going to move to Spain for a year to teach. However will I stay in Europe after, crawl back to Albuquerque homesick or go off on another grand adventure? Who will still be in my life by the time turn 30? When should I start husband hunting? Will I ever publish a novel? Will this blog make me money one day?

In my 20’s I’ve lived by the credo, “be selfish.” I’m aware this will be outdated as I get older but now it works. I spend on obscene amount of my limited income on tattoos and music festivals. I hope you’ve gone to enough music festivals to truly be able to say that you know how to party. This may seem trivial to most people but partying is the cessation of monotony and the break from the public façade. By now you should have lived so much life that 30 seems like the perfect time to settle down. You should be well read, well-traveled and well-partied. If you still have regrets, get over them. Life is too short for regrets and life is too long to be wasted on the bitterness.


30-year-old self, I hope you are married or at least engaged, traveled to 7 more countries, and have children on the horizon. I hope you have a job that allows me to live comfortably in a house with a yard to accommodate a dog or three.

Now to get serious, I have high expectations for you! If you do not have a significant other give in and go to match.com or jdate.com. Stop clinging to single life, it’s really immature (unless you have an incredibly successful business then dating can wait until you are 40.)

You should also still be 120-130 lbs (unless pregnant). If you are plumper than that, get a goddamn gym membership. I mean really! I do hot yoga, boxing, jogging, biking and P90X! You should be still writing and practicing yoga.

You should be volunteering somewhere because it’s a mitzvah. I’ve been a volunteer at Animal Welfare for almost a year. I expect you to continue this.

You should be investing your money well.


All in all I hope you are happy and successful. If you aren’t I hope this is the bitch slap from the past to get you up on your feet. You also should begin writing a letter to your 40 year old self, she is probably in a mid-life.


23-year-old self

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