Santa Fe: A Day Trip

I had to go to Santa Fe to get some paperwork done for my visa.  Since I had the day off I figured I’d make the day of it.

Friends and I have gone to Santa Fe just to go somewhere new.  Albuquerque is a small city and often it feels stifling. So Santa Fe is the perfect getaway to do something new without spending too much money.  santafetheatre

What I like to do in Santa Fe is go through the art galleries downtown then grab a microbrew at a local restaurant. For non-New Mexicans I recommend the George O Keefe Museum as a must-see.  Rumor is her ghost haunts the museum and she can be seen at night wandering the museum. (Also their ghost tour is very well-done but it’s been ages since I’ve done it).

There are lots of art museums along with unique galleries so you can go on a art binge.

A little area of downtown is Burro Alley. It’s marked by The Burro Alley Café and a bronze burro statue.  It’s located between San Francisco Street and Palace Avenue. What makes it notable is this is where Santa Fe’s red light district was located.  It’s called that because the burros carried the fire wood that would keep the ladies of the night and their johns cozy through the night. I suppose it’s hard to please a man when you are shivering from the cold.




Burro Alley Café is where I went to a nice quiet lunch.  It was one of the few places I found with a vegetarian option along with local brewed beer.  Their vegetable sandwich had grilled zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, pickle, pesto and spring mix.  It was really delicious!  The goat cheese gave the simple grilled vegetables a nice kick.  It came with the sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo.  The fries were great, not to fried or greasy.  The chipotle mayo isn’t spicy just has a nice smoky flavor.  The Sante Fe Nut Brown beer was perfection.  It was smooth, not too much hops but with nice nutty undertones.



Santa Fe is called a great “cultural destination.” It art, food, beer and ghosts. What more could you want?! And don’t underestimate how beautiful the desert can be. It may not be green but it has its own unique kind of beauty.



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