Revolution Bakery: Santa Fe

So my father likes to take advise from Eastern healers. And any who, he is now gluten-free, rice-free and a lot of other things- free.  We went to Santa Fe to have a father-daughter day and get little more visa paperwork done.  We decided to check out  Revolution Bakery. It is the only completely gluten-free bakery in Santa Fe.


They do an incredible job of making gluten-free delicious and healthy.

The brioche sample was incredible.  Fluffy and a flavorful as a bread can be.  It didn’t even need butter.

My dad got a loaf of bread he loved.  It’s really hard to find gluten-free and rice-free breads that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  The texture was surprisingly fluffy.  If you eat gluten-free you are probably familiar with the grainy, flat texture some products have.  He said it’s the best bread he’s had since going gluten-free.  It’s a shame we can’t get the bread shipped to Albuquerque.

I got a blueberry scone, quinoa brownie and cranberry poppy bar.

The scone was delicious!  It had great blueberries full of flavor, buttery undertones and soft, crumbly texture. I used to bake scones at a bakery and I’ll tell you it’s better than a lot of regular blueberry scones I’ve had.

The quinoa brownie has a rich chocolate taste.  While it wasn’t gooey like traditional brownies but still had a fluffy texture.  It had a great chocolate taste that had less carbohydrate and more nutrition than the average brownie.

I also had the poppy cranberry bar.  It was fruity and yummy.


I hope this little bakery stays open and that more gluten-free bakeries pop up. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll experiment with some gluten-free baking too!

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