Travel Theme: Shine

Yeah, we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun- John Lennon


A night shot of Casa Mila during a evening stroll in Barcelona.  I think it’s much more breathtaking at night than in the light of day.


So don’t crucify me but this is from SeaWorld San Diego in 2006.  It was before Blackfish so forgive me please but I do think this shot came out very nice.


This was taken at my first out of state EDM event in Colorado Rocky Mountains.  It was life changing weekend of mediation, dancing and camping.  IT really invoked my love for EDM.


This is from Albuquerque’s Fenton Lake located in the Jemez Mountains.  It’s where locals go to get in touch with Mother Nature.


A sunset in Madrid I had a romantic picnic by a river.

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