I Talk to Strangers (like mommy told me not to)

So while I was in Houston everyone was nice, which was a harsh contrast to the unsmiling Spanish Consulate employees. Everyone was polite: opening doors, inviting strangers to party and sharing their stories with me. I was so blessed to meet three wonderful people that decided to show me the Houston downtown experience. It was lovely! I just let three strangers take me in their car around a strange city and things turned out great. They walked me home after the bars and added me on facebook.


Should I have done this? Could I have been equally as likely to run into a trap such as in Hostel, where I get skinned alive? Statistically speaking, no. However people tell me all the time to be careful because I’m a tiny little girl. Reality?  I know how to take care of myself and read a bad situation on top of the fact I can just call an Uber if things get weird. If I shelter myself from others and never experience the vast spectrum of the human experience because of the unlikely fear I’ll be murdered or raped, than I’m not truly living life. I’m shutting myself off to new friends, new adventures and new experiences.


Would I have had the same experience in Arizona or Pennsylvania? We often forget that every state has vastly different people from their accents to their friendly or not so friendly-nature. Every state is so different! Burquenos (people from Albuquerque) are friendly but kind of crazy people. They will welcome strangers with open arms and share their insane stories that seem fictional. I’ve been to lots of places and no one will compare to the kooky burquenos that I know and love.

I’m not sure how to explain Albuquerque outside of the context of Breaking Bad. Hopefully this videos kind of gives you an idea about my people.




I’m not sure how much of this explains anything but you get my point. Every city is different and every city is a new place with future friends.


I found some other youtube videos of shit (insert city here) say.

I talk to strangers. It’s the only way you can make friends traveling. I’m going to choose to see the good side of people and hope it pays off.

2 thoughts on “I Talk to Strangers (like mommy told me not to)

  1. My friends always say that I must’ve zoned out during my parents’ don’t talk to strangers lecture. I love meeting new people and interacting with strangers even if it’s just a quick hello. It’s important to be safe, but I won’t let fear stop me from putting myself out there and meeting new people


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