To-Do’s for My EuroTrip

So my first two weeks in Europe I’ll be backpacking alone for the first time. I’ll be staying hostels and with family.  It’s all apart of me finding myself before I have to enter the real world of teaching English in Spain and then eventually moving to a city to start my career!  It’s been insane planning out my life but at least I have a plan. A pretty awesome plan I’ve been saving up for, for the past year and a half.

Brussels 1 Day Staying at Meininger Hostel

Brussels is a cheap place to fly into and it’s a underrated as a tourist destination.  It’s also known as a place for great beer and chocolate and those are two of my favorite things!

Manneken Pis: obviously I have to see the iconic statue of the peeing boy.  It’s a must and near my hostel.

Delirium: a bar near the hostel with 2000 beers!  Again, I love beer.

Amsterdam 3 days Staying with Family

I’m so lucky to have family in Hague.  While I want to be a high mess wandering around these European streets I also will be getting to know my family. However I still have a list of things I need to do aside from playing catch with my little cousins.

Anne Frank House: I’m Jewish so I want to look at my history.  I read her diary and it inspired me to be a writer as well as realize that there is so much horror in the world but in the end we are all people.  We are all people just trying to live and even locked in a attic Anne had the strength to live and think and survive.

Resistance Museum: I love quirky museums and this one looks incredibly interesting.  Again it’s the story of people fighting for justice.

Eat a Weed Brownie: Welp, I’m not a “stoner” but as the daughter of a dead head, I do partake.

Frankfurt 2 days Staying with Family

I’m also staying with family here.  I’ve stayed with them before and I’m so excited to eat authentic Filipino food and hang out with my cousins again!

Goethe House: Goethe is a amazing poet.  I’ve always had a soft spot for poetry.  His poetry is haunting and often dark.  I have a deep admiration for what he has given to the art form.

WEEP, maiden, weep here o’er the tomb of Love;

He died of nothing–by mere chance was slain.
But is he really dead?–oh, that I cannot prove:

A nothing, a mere chance, oft gives him life again.   

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe                          

Dialog Museum: I love museums and words so this looks perfect.

Paris 3 days St. Christopher’s Canal Inn

My father insists I go to France.  However right now it isn’t the safest place for a young Jewish girl like me.  I’m lucky to look my Filipino than Jewish.  But I’m excited to see the city of love and cross it off my bucket list.

Of course I have to see Arc de Triomple, Eiffel Tower and the Lourve!  They are must-sees.

Catacombs: It’s a little morbid but I am morbid.  It’s a interesting tour that will take up a whole day with lots of ghostly stories and a great opportunity for eerie photos.

Galerie Thullier: a FREE and renowned art gallery.  It’s a way to see the modern art scene in France after looking at all of this classic fine art.

Then my last stop is Madrid Spain for a year!  My new home!  I’ll be staying with a host family through AirBnB.

I’m so excited for my trip.  Right now I’m just impatiently waiting for my visa to come in and sorting things I can sell.  It’s wild, I’m done with college.  I’m just waiting and waiting to begin my soul searching adventure.

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