From Abandoned Train Station to Hipster Heaven


What do you do with an abandoned train station? 

Make a farmers’ market, duh!


The bones of a train station have been rotting in downtown Albuquerque for years.  It’s been used for illegal parties, squatting and photo shoots. Now every Sunday it is a market featuring Albuquerque’s best of the best music, art and food! The goal of this organization is to promote community, sustainability and creativity in Albuquerque.


When you first enter food trucks are lined up at the entrance along with picnic areas.  When you enter the revitalized train station, there’s tons of vendors in this giant building with broken glass panels and a decomposing roof.  Local artists sell photos, paintings, crafts, soaps and anything else you can imagine. 

This is the place for local businesses to thrive.  People not only sell things but this is a forum for non-profit organizations to spread the words about their cause.  One of the organizations we talked to was Equality New Mexico.  They are a community organization dedicated to LGBT rights.  They were asking people to sign a petition to keep gay marriage legal in New Mexico.  Other causes are advocating for underrepresented groups,  reduce violence against transpersons, increase understanding of LGBT stories and promote the well-being of all person by advocating for equal treatment, pay, security and more. 


A booth caught my eye had the colors and morbid art.  It was a local comic book publishing company called “The Vagus Street Project.”  From local creative minds to the paper, this company creates anything from $1 low quality comics to bound and fully colored $25 graphic novels.   Check out their online work and support their new endeavors to bring horror to New Mexico.

Next we stopped by The Henna Fairy.  She gave us a quick lesson in henna and drew a design on my friend for only $10. We learned henna is not only for decorative purposes but because of the rich nutrients in the dye, henna has many medicinal uses.  The composition of henna is anti-fungal, anti-biotic and other properties used to treat things such as eczema, athlete’s foot and many other ailments. The Henna Fairy has dedicated her life to not only creating beautiful body art but using the healing powers of henna to help people in Albuquerque. 

For our breakfast we grabbed coffee from a kiosk that promises locally roasted beans with high quality.  Then next we found Skons Gone Wild.  I got a blueberry lemons scone and my friend got strawberries and goat cheese.  With such unique tastes blending together it’s easy to overpower the taste buds however Skons Gone Wild manages to perfectly balance their scone blends to a unique taste experience. Other scones were mixed berry, green chile and cheddar, of course chocolate with sprinkles.  It made for a lovely mobile breakfast as we strolled around the Railyard.


The beautiful part of this is that it’s shady and all the vendors are completely diverse.  It’s a place for one and all, if you can manage to wake up for it.  Check out all the quirky businesses Albuquerque has to offer at this amazing Sunday Funday attraction!

Albuquerque Railyard

Sundays 9AM-3PM

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