McMenamins Edgefield Part 1: Scultping while on Acid

So my dad heard of a restaurant between Portland, OR and Seaside, OR as we were on our way to sightsee on the coast. We were not prepared for how insanely huge this place is!  McMenamins Edgefield has a whiskey distillery, brewery, two restaurants, several bars, and a concert venue.  the place is massive! 

What I want to focus on for this article is this random Jerry Garcia sculpture located at the concert venue. It’s so strange I can only explain it by saying this person put on Grateful Dead took acid and made a sculpture.  DSCF1137 DSCF1138 DSCF1139 DSCF1140 DSCF1141 DSCF1142


The base is hands coming up, then turtle shells, then skulls, then Jerry playing a guitar but like melting.  So I’m not sure about all of the symbolism but the sculpture is definitely interesting.  I truly believe Jerry would love the fact is presence is watching all the fans and bands enjoying the magic of music.

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