Multnomah Falls

My parents and I went to Oregon for our last family vacation.  Between me leaving for Spain and my father’s health this is the last trip we will probably ever take together.  We chose Oregon because my father lived in Portland as a professor and a hippie farmer for a number of years and my cousin recently bought a house in Corvalis.  So while we visited picturesque views of nature wonders, catching up with his friends and eating like kings, we enjoyed our last moments together for the next couple years. 

The first stop on this trip was Multnomah Falls, which is just outside of Portland, OR.  The view was stunning of the 611 foot falls roaring down the Cliffside. However the area was crowded with Asian tourists and screaming children.  So while I highly suggest stopping by for this view choose a hiking trail a little further from the falls.  There will be the same picturesque settings with less tourists fogging up your communing with nature.

The sheer magnitude of the waterfall does make a person realize how small they are in comparison to the power of Mother Nature.  Just taking a moment of silence to breathe in the fresh air and bask in the glory of he wonder, it truly grounded me in to remembering how small my problems are compared to the Earth’s drying up resources and polluted waters. 

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin -William Shakespeare


Multonomah5 Multunomah Multunomah2 Multunomah3 Multunomah4


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