Brussels: Street Art

I didn’t plan on coming to Belgium. It was the cheapest flight into Europe. Tourist guides said the most notable things were statues of peeing children, beer and waffles. While I’ve only spent less than 24 hours in Brussels, I would say the city is underwhelming compared to cities such as Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome and others. In fact, I was speaking with a man that was from Ireland and lived in Bruges and he said, “Only stop by Belgium if you have time but don’t make time for it. There isn’t much here.” He hadn’t made a trip to Brussels and he commented, “Why would a city be proud of a statue of a urinating boy?” Well when there is nothing else notable might as well play up the one thing that makes you unique. Right?

I spent about 3 hours wandering around Brussels. I stayed near my hostel but I found many interesting finds such as cathedrals, statues and street art. I got quite a few good photos.

The hostel Meininger Hotel I’m staying in claims to be an urban artists’ home. The pride themselves on utilizing street art styles to make their hostel stand unique among the droves of hostels available. There are graffiti inspired pieces all through the hostel and the hostel claims Brussels is unique in its street art. While I found some interesting pieces through the city none really compare to the street art I’ve seen in Albuquerque, NYC and Madrid. But perhaps I wasn’t in the right neighborhood.

I figure I’ll share the interesting pieces I found.


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