Was It the City or Was It My Jetlag?: Brussels, Belgium

When I arrived in Brussels, I’d been traveling for 16 hours from New Mexico to Atlanta to Brussels. I was sweaty, achy and tired. However my room was not ready. Of course, hostels have late check in times to let people sleep in after a hard night out. So I was forced to sightsee. I walked around for an hour and a half. I slept on a couch then went for another two hours. I was so tired I was delusional. Finally at 2:30PM they let me check in early. So my impression of Brussels was largely influenced by my exhaustion.

I was underwhelmed by the few attractions that I saw. The architecture is not comparable to other places in Europe. The fact that they brag about a tiny statue of a boy peeing says it all. The beer I drank was subpar and the food I ate was mediocre. Many buildings including the Catherine Cathedral looked run down.  Even an Irish man that lives in Antwerp, Belgium said he didn’t find it that interesting as a tourist destination.

I went into a restaurant. I told the waiter, “I don’t speak French but is this a caprese?”

He responds, “It’s completely different, it’s tomatoes and mozzarella grilled.”

Okay buddy that’s like one ingredient less than a caprese so using the word “completely” and gesturing with your arms is overdramatic.

“I’m vegetarian I’m just want something small to eat.” I say slightly annoyed.

“You came to the wrong place.” He says giving me a disgusted look. “I’ll get you the goat cheese salad without bacon.”

“Okay.” I said not having any choice in the matter.  The salad had weird sage on everything and pumpkin bread used as croutons.  It was not good but I ate it and went to sleep.

Then I asked the receptionist if my train ticket was valid at all stations. She says, “Of course, that’s so easy.” She acted like I was complete idiot but I’m traveling alone and I don’t want to miss my train! Or go to a train station that doesn’t work!

Next, I asked what my dorm mates were doing for dinner.  They made it clear I was not invited. Usually in hostels people are welcoming but at the end of the night I was playing Hungry Shark and sadly drinking a beer at the bar alone. No one even attempted to talk to me.  I thought Belgium people were nice! Oh well! I had my beer and took my photos. I won’t be aiming to return Brussels anytime soon. But here are some photos that I managed to take.

St. Catherine’s Cathedral
Brussel’s Town hall
St Catherine’s Cathedral

brarch4 brarch5

16 thoughts on “Was It the City or Was It My Jetlag?: Brussels, Belgium

  1. I had a similar time in Brussels – I was amazed at the difference between the rich and poor there though. The art gallery of Magritte’s work was the highlight for me.

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  2. Huh. I love Brussels. I’ve been there five times now and always find more to see and do. I’m going again in November and can’t wait to eat waffles again and wander through the streets and parks. Sorry your time there wasn’t fun.


  3. Oh, how sad for you. I’ve never been to Brussels but can recommend Brugges and Ghent. The people are fantastic and everyone is helpful. And you don’t need to speak French. Most of them don’t either.


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