Madrid: This is Only the Beginning

My neighborhood for now in Salamanca Barrio Madrid, Spain

It was a strange feeling of being home when I arrived at my apartment in Madrid, Spain.  The familiar setting brought back memories and the butterflies in my stomach about starting a new life. 

I was pleasantly surprised at my AirBnB apartment: My roommates are nice; room is lovely; my landlords are very sweet. I’m so lucky I found this place; it is only $24 a night and less than 10 minutes walking from my orientation location.  I’m right next to a park and a grocery store.  I’ll definitely use this website again.

It was a great relief to call my parents, unpack things and lounge around for a bit.  I’d been stressing out about checking off things on my bucket list and dragging 80lbs of luggage across 5 countries, I was so grateful to relax.

Today I met up with some people, new friends and old friends.  It was a welcoming way to begin my first full day in my new home.  It made me reflect on the amazing experiences that have yet to come.  It’s only up from here and it’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to this place in my life.  I know this time in my life will change who I am as a whole and I’m surrounded with a loving group of people to usher me into this new era of self. 

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