Madrid: A Familiar Face

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wandering near Gran Via

I’ve been so caught up with lesson planning and apartment hunting! The only part of Madrid I’ve seen is bars, nightclubs and TTMadrid. Since I’ve been here before, there is less pressure to go sightseeing.  However there are some things I didn’t get to do and things I want to do again.

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La Latina at sunset


– Spend three hours in the Prado.  Last time, I only spent an hour in the Prado looking at all of Goya.

-Go back Reine Sophia.  It’s such a cool collection of modern art.

-Drink sangria in Retiro, that never gets old.

-See the Reine Sophia exhibit in the Crystal Palace.  They rotate the exhibit every few months.

Want to do

-La Ermita de San Antonio de La Florida is the burial site of Francisco Goya.  It’s a small church with fantastic frescoes.

-watch a movie at the Cine Dore. It’s the oldest theater in Madrid, from 1922.  The architecture is beautiful with flares of Art Nouveau.

So I got a Spanish phone, check. Found an apartment, check. Now I need a Spanish bank account and to get a job.  Good thing I’m going over my CV with my adviser today. The dust should settle soon.  Then I’ll be able to enjoy the amazing sights of Madrid.

Hopefully, this weekend I’ll check somethings off of my list.  However, I’m also supposed to go out tonight and tomorrow. Everything hangs on the degree of my hangover.  I suppose that’s the Spanish lifestyle!

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view from my new apartment! EEK! So excited!

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