Cooking & Traveling

If you are a lucky duck and have a kitchen in your hostel/ hotel/ AirBnb, then you probably want to cook.  If you love to cook like me you probably want to make a 3 course meal or if you are a broke college student like me you probably just want to eat ramen.

There is a happy medium in between!

Now you can’t have the same kitchen you have at home.  There aren’t a selection of sauces, spices or herbs but there are a couple things you can get to make a lovely meal while being abroad.  This especially helpful you are maintaining a difficult diet such as vegetarianism.

Breakfast is easy: cereal + milk or toast+fruit= simple breakfast

Lunch: bread+cheese+veggies= easy sandwich.  It’s portable for when you are out and about.  I like sandwiches because I can put it in my purse and go sightseeing for the day.  Then I can find a nice place to picnic.


The goal here is to buy just enough to make a good meal but not waste food.

I get garlic or onion, olive oil, pasta or rice, salad mix and an herb (I prefer parsley or basil).  Then I get three vegetables, this will depend where you are and what you prefer.  In this photo, I made a super simple dish.

My equation: (two vegetables+garlic+herb+olive oil)/pasta= yummy cheap sort of healthy food. You can get a surprising amount of variety for example:

(zucchini+tomatoes+garlic+parsley+olive oil)/ rice

(asparagus+bell pepper+garlic+parsley+olive oil)/speghetti

I fried eggplant, bell pepper,fresh basil and garlic together in olive oil.  Then put it over pasta along with a glass of cheap white wine.

You can have a nice meal without wasting money or compromising your diet.  If you’re traveling you only want a handful of things you can use up before you are gone.


Now for specifically Spain, get you pasta, oil, cereal etc… from a supermercado and get your vegetables/ fruit get from a fruteria. Fruteria is much cheaper and fresher than the market.  It maybe a pain to go to two separate places but it’s worth it for the price and taste.  I also suggest getting bread from a panaderia instead of supermercado for the same reason.  They make it fresh and it’s much cheaper.  If you need more specific items try a health food store.  Happy Cow is the best resource to find a nearby health food store.

Please message me if this helped you at all!  I appreciate any feedback.

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