Vegetarian Life in Madrid: Vivares

I have a goal for this blog.  Well, I have a lot of goals for this blog but the biggest one is to eventually review all of the vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. There’s about 20, so this isn’t a huge hurdle but this post is the first in the series.

I stumbled upon Vivares in the Chueca district while strolling with a friend. In Spain, they have something called, Menu del Dia (menu of the day).  This is generally for lunch.  It’s a first course (soup or salad), main course and a small desert.  This restaurant has special menu del dia for vegetarians but not for vegans.  It could be possible to order the tempura and grilled vegetables without cheese, but not sure.

vavres 4

I chose a salad for my first course.  The balsamic vingerette was a little watered down but the chef made up for this flaw with the caramelized onions and goat cheese.  The dust on the plate is parsley.  It added a subtle taste to the simple salad. Also the presentation of this dish is stunning.

vavres 3

The main course was a simple dish of grilled vegetables with Parmesan on top.  They were grilled perfectly with a little crisp on the edges.  I appreciate the simplicity of it all.


Then for a traditional desert was rice pudding, however there was far too much cinnamon.


My friend ordered nachos.  Last time we order nachos, they gave us chips with a side of sliced cheese so this was a pleasant surprise.The plate was large and great for two people.  The cheese was perfectly melted and the guac was great.  There wasn’t very much spice to the nachos but in Spain, you usually have to bring your own hot sauce.



The ambiance of the restaurant was nice.  Random music videos played in the background.  It’s not fancy but it was a nice meal. There is also a nice bar available in the restaurant with cocktails as well as the standard beers and wine. Overall, the price was a bit high for the average Madrid meal.

I’d say 3 out of 4 stars.  The meals were good, not great.  The price was a little high. There was great presentation and a good effort to provide some diverse options to us, vegetarians.

c/ Hortaleza 52 28004 Madrid


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