A Night Out

Last weekend, we were reminded the difference between American and Spaniard party life. We went to a bar in Malasana called Cherokee.  Shots are 50 cents before midnight.  After all drinks and shots are one euro.  So we bought about 6 rounds of shots in two hours.

So our pattern was this:

“I’m buying this round.”  Pass out tequila shots with lime slices and salt.

“Five, four, three, two, ONE!” Our group of seven scream. Take our shots “WOOOOO!”

So after this happening over and over again the bartender told us to quiet down or we’d get kicked out.  We almost left but in the end we just ignored them.  Americans down because we are far to outlandish.  The Spaniards weren’t dancing or shouting like us but we just have fun.  We talked to beautiful Spaniard men and drank as much as we thought we humanly could.

Then we went to Pacha Madrid.  We could dance and scream and everyone joined in.  The booze was flowing; the beats pounding and the booties shaking. The place is filled with beautiful Spaniards. The music is Top 40 and EDM.  We had a blast dancing and all the gorgeous Spanish men were dancing with us. It was quite a night but we went home early 5 AM.  Last call is 7-8AM.

My friend and I caught a cab to my place.  We drank water and ate ramen and pickles.  I woke up without a hangover because I asked for water with my shots. My friend was dying.  The secret is water all night long and pickle juice before bed.

That’s how you party in Spain, drink copious amount of alcohol and dancing until the sun comes.

It’s quite different from Albuquerque. I’m just getting used to staying up until 6 AM.  I HAVE to party until the sun comes up this coming weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Night Out

  1. Haha, this post made me laugh, because I can definitely relate. It is a challenge to party as long as the Spanish do! But it’s just so fun! I’m going to have to check out these fabulous bars you mentioned, sounds like a great time! 🙂


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