Musings On Teaching Abroad

Musings on Teaching Abroad

So I guess it is time I review my program because if you are planning to teach English in Spain, you should know the options.

I received my TEFL through International TEFL Academy.  I don’t think anyone really needs their TEFL 75% of the time.  Most countries don’t require it if you have a Bachelor’s Degree. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can get private classes with a TEFL but full time positions will be limited. Not to say you can’t make an awesome living off private classes.  It’s just a lot of time on the metro everyday.

Reasons to Get a TEFL

In retrospect, I wouldn’t get a TEFL license. It’s a waste of time and money. I paid $900 for the license and then $1200 for my Spanish classes, visa and job support with TTMadrid.  It was a complete waste of money. BEDA and Auxiliares de conversacion are free and you get your job ahead of time. It’s much less of a shit show: interviews, apartment hunting and drama.

Only get a TEFL if you are planning to do this for a long time, want to beef up your resume/ qualifications and want to be fully prepared to enter the strenuous world of teaching.  There will be anxiety no matter what, TTMadrid lessened it a little bit for me but at a high cost.


TTMadrid has great people and the staff is great.  However, the TEFL license is so unnecessary here; It’s just a waste of money.


Having people support your emotionally, professionally and bureaucratically

Visa process is much easier

Spanish classes are provided

Built in friends for a lifetime


It is pricey

You don’t need a TEFL


My Future Plans

I was playing with idea of going to other countries or staying. Who knows?! I’m going to apply to BEDA and Auxiliaries, then perhaps some other countries like Portugal, Italy, Belgium and South Korea. No matter what, I have to go back to the United States for three months to obtain a visa again. I just have to figure out what I want by March so I can get the visa process started.

BEDA application open in November and closes in April.

Auxiliary opens in January and closes in March.

I love traveling and there is no better time to do it while I’m single, young and with zero commitments. I love seeing new places and challenging myself. However, I would like to get an apartment, a dog and start collecting things (perhaps get a boyfriend).

15 thoughts on “Musings On Teaching Abroad

  1. Im from Guam, an island in the Pacific. I’ll be finishing up my degree in English and Im hoping to be reunited with my family in Vienna, Austria so I need to prepare myself for jobs.


  2. Hi there, thanks for the post! I was considering doing the ttmadrid tefl route to get to spain as i wanted to go in the spring/summer, but i am wondering how hard it will be to hussle for jobs during that time if you have any insight. I’m also curious if you have thoughts on how prepared you would be if you had not done the tefl course at all, even if you feel it was a waste. I’m on the fence of just waiting for aux/beda or just taking the plunge or any insight would be appreciated!



    1. Personally, I would apply to BEDA or the cultural ambassador program because they are free and you get a guaranteed job. I haven’t had much luck with them. You will always find a job here. It’s just a question of if they will keep you for the whole year or if you can bear it.


  3. Thanks for the reply! Would your opinion change if you knew you wanted to teach (regarding getting a tefl)? BEDA seems to give preference to those with tefl and/or teaching backgrounds so it does look enticing for what i want to pursue, though the spots are limited. Were you able to apply yourself?

    It would be nice to have a stable job through the govt programs and it would “save” a few thousand. On the other hand, im more likely to be accepted to the auxiliares program and there’s no gaurantee im placed near madrid (~1000 inscrita) which is where i want to be near (i think) since i haven’t traveled before and would like easy access to the rest of spain/europe.


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