This Weekend

Halloween in Madrid

Welp, Halloween here was a total bust. First off, I’m getting over a cold so while I wanted to go out, coughing up phlegm is not sexy.

Thursday, I stayed in and watched The Addams Family, The Crow and Freakshow AMC.

Friday, I wanted to go out but I was a little exhausted from running errands all day.  So we attempted to brave the night.  We walked around Malasana.  The lines for everything was out the door at midnight (most people go to the club at 2 AM). The clubs were so expensive and such a long wait.  My friend and I just ended up watching more horror movies and drinking wine.  Then I fell asleep on her couch.

Saturday, I was determined to go out.  I hung out with my friend Alicia, early in the day.  She was feeling down about a boy she was dating in America.  So we watched a horror movie, drank beer and went for a walk.  Then we had dinner and went to our friend’s house.  Her neighbors were having a party and we all were drinking.  The plan was to go to the club.  But what happened?  Surprise, surprise!  I got pretty tipsy and just passed out.

Sunday was this festival of sheep.  They herd 1000’s of sheep through the middle of Madrid. We totally missed it!  All of us were so hungover from just hanging out.

Why am I so old?  Why can’t I go out?  I will never meet new people if I just watch horror movies on Netflix.

The Plaza

Anyway, we went for a walk in Plaza de Espana while we drank beers.  So here are some of the photos I took.  Plaza de Espana is beautiful and always has shops open for shopping.  Locals youth like to hang out, drink, shop and meet people at this park.  If you want to get any last minute gift this is the best place to go in Madrid.






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