Thanksgiving in Madrid

It’s surprising how many things we cling to when we are homesick.  Thanksgiving becomes especially important when you’re away from home.   Americans in Madrid rushed to “Taste of America,” ( a store with American products) to find as many traditional Thanksgiving items as possible.

I love Thanksgiving because it’s an excuse to eat like a pig.  You eat all day and then the next day with your loved ones surrounding you. All the expats feel a special kind of lonely this time of year.  We all sit around and talk about what we miss about America and our families.


So I went to two Thanksgiving dinners.  The first was with my co-workers.    We had green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, potatoes, and cranberry sauce.It was nice to be surrounded with loving faces in new country.

Displaying DSC_1217.jpg food at my co-worker’s house


I was passed out in my room from the flu.

Then I held one at my house however I ended up having a flu.  I was terribly sick.  I cooked and basically left everyone to eat while I puked and passed out.  It wasn’t ideal.  But I was happy I could sort of have a dinner with my friends.

At my co-worker’s thanksgiving


What I made:

I made the same dish for both, au gratin with cauliflower.


I used a recipe but I made changes.  I used cauliflower instead of mushrooms because a lot of people don’t like mushrooms. Instead of cream I used cream cheese which I think came out pretty good.  I could find good cream to use for cooking.


Happy Holidays everyone!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Madrid

  1. It’s amazing to me that something small and simple, eating like a pig with family and watching football, was something that I truly missed and longed for. Didn’t expect that! Taste of America was definitely a hot spot for me this past week! Hope you’re feeling better!


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