Who did it?!

People have asked me, “How do you work with infantil?  They’re babies!”  And yes, they are between the ages of 3-5. I DO deal with changing poopy pants, crying, spitting, slobbering and all those unpleasant bodily functions, you generally avoid.

My job is to deal with those things, every moment of my 9-hour shift, Monday through Friday.  And I don’t hate it.  I’m not sure if it’s volunteering at the animal shelter that prepared me for all of these gross, hyperactive children or that kids can be so cute when they like you.  I have tons of drawings, flowers and candies from those little angels.  These small things make it worth it to get a drooled on. Also, I get paid pretty well and I live in Spain, so that doesn’t hurt.

Anyway,today was a prime example, of what it is like to be a preschool teacher.  I had lunch duty today. This consists of me saying, “terminado?” “come rapido,” “come, come,” on loop for about an hour while shoveling food into childrens’ mouths.

So after the children consume their calories, we take them to the playground to burn those calories off.  So I watch the children and basically make sure they don’t murder each other. Then suddenly, one of the kids came up to me and said, “Who made caca?”  And I said, “What?” Then walked two steps and whiffed the fecal odor.  I immediately cringe with disgust.

I look around and the children are holding their noses and walking away.  The lunch lady, who is also on recess duty, walks past and smells it. She also cringes. Then she turns to me with a determined look and nods. She is on a mission.She goes and questions every single one of the some 100 students and even smells their bums, to find out who made the caca.

I, of course, go on avoiding the odor and monitoring the children. The children keep coming up to me asking, “Who made caca?” And one child even found a skid mark on the jungle gym of either mud or, yes, shit, a child’s shit mark on the jungle gym.

The lunch lady comes up to me and says, “I asked all of them… I don’t know who made caca.” She sounds mildly disappointed.  We shrug at each other and go to eat our lunch.  We never found out who made caca.

And that’s a glamorous day in the life of a preschool teacher in Spain.

One thought on “Who did it?!

  1. Funny! It reminds me of my teaching years. Fortunately, I had no “caca” experience. Kids are lovable no matter what they do – caca or no caca.


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