Fall in Love with Cities

This is a poem I wrote about travel. It kind of goes with the themes of both my blogs. Feel free to check out more of my creative writing.

Eclectic Groceries

Fall in love with cities, strangers, nature’s creations;

Fall in love with yourself;

Fall in love with a break from monotony.

Every arch of a building makes me gasp;

Every twinkling night light charms me;

Every stranger’s smile elevates me.

I travel to fall in love with the world.

To see breathtaking wonders and even find the breathtaking parts of myself.

To experience something away from electric outlets,

To search for my soul in the reflection of windows.

This world is so beautiful and yet we often forget

The inspiration we get from an architectural wonder

The enlightened feeling standing at the top of a mountain

The moment your heart jumps as you drink in a piece of art.

This world is so amazing,

And I want to see it all

I want to explore it all

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