Buying Cheap Flights

So I’ve developed my own technique for purchasing flight tickets.  Everyone uses different things in different ways.  There’s tons of articles about this subject.  As a travel blogger, I’m going to go ahead and put my two cents in.

First, I pick where I want to go, obviously.

Then I look at all my travel options: train, ride share, train, ferry or flight.  If you can avoid an airport you save time and often time money. In Europe, BlaBlaCar is a great ride sharing option.  Look at for other cheap options instead of flying.

Then I look for what are the cheapest places to fly into. For example, it turned out to be cheaper to fly from the USA to  Brussels than Germany, Netherlands or Paris, France.  It’s cheaper to fly from Prague to the US than Tel Aviv to the US.  I found out that it was hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly into NYC and buy a separate flight to New Mexico versus getting a straight flight from any city in Europe to New Mexico.Get a map, look at where you want to go and places around that then google away.  I try 3-5 different cities for comparison.

Personally, I use and to evaluate the cheapest options for travel.   Look at the budget airlines in your the area you want to go to, for Europe, WizzAir, Easy Jet and Ryan Air are the cheapest. .

Having flexible dates is important.  Obviously, flying on a Friday will be more expensive than a Wednesday.  Be aware and try to account for that. Always look up the holidays of places you are going to because there may be competition for flights.

Make sure you delete all the cookies on your computer AND your browser.  If you don’t know what that means, go to your control panel look up “delete cookies” and clear them.  For Chrome, go to history and hit clear.  The companies do follow your history and will hike the price if they know you are interested.

Also, buy your ticket ~60 days prior to your departure on a Tuesday after 10PM. Tuesday is the lowest cost day because Wednesday is when they change the prices, usually pushing the price a little bit up.  After 10 PM there is less traffic online and thus less competition.

I hope you find this guide helpful!

7 thoughts on “Buying Cheap Flights

  1. They are cool tips. Yea, I heard that you need to clear the cookies. So I use the ‘private browsing’ or incognito browsing. In that case it wont store any cookies after the session. I gets deleted automatically. You must be knowing 🙂


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