Have Your Friendship Survive a Eurotrip

Planning a trip with other people is incredibly difficult because everyone has different interests and places they’ve already seen.  We managed to get our euro trip sorted mostly by looking at the cheapest flights.  We would have loved to see more of Western Europe or the Mediterranean but it didn’t make sense logistically.

Then the actual trip happens and you realize spending 24/7 with the same person everyday for two weeks or more can be exhausting.  Traveling is stressful, it’s fun but it’s stressful. Don’t let your Eurotrip destroy your friendship. Here are my tips for maintaining friendship and sanity.

Don’t be afraid to split off for awhile and do your own thing.  It might be good to take a break.  You are sleep, eating and with these people 24/7 for weeks.  It’s okay to just meet at the hostel later.  I think a lot of people stress out about wanting to do everything together but if you have an extra day somewhere just take it.

Everything said on a Eurotrip should be taken lightly.  Tensions get really high when you are exhausted and again, in close quarters.  Don’t take it personally and don’t harbor resentment for anything said.

Take naps, everyone gets mean when they are tired.  I know when you are traveling to a lot of places in a short amount of time you want to go, go, go but you need to take some time for your sanity.

Partying every night is overrated.  I’ve seen so many people make the classic mistake of partying and then totally miss seeing the city.  The only part of Barcelona they saw was the strip of clubs by the beach and didn’t get to see any Gaudi or the Picasso Museum.  You can party anywhere, anytime but you can’t always stroll through Park Guell or tour Sangrada Familia.  Also, more alcohol equals more problems and altercations between you and your friends will occur the more you party. We had a night where our friendship blew up in our faces. We got wasted and ended up screaming at each other in a bathroom in Milan.  The Italians were horrified.  We eventually ended up crying on the floor of the bathroom. And after about 3 hours we made it out to the bathroom and to the dance floor.  Learn from my mistakes.  Avoid getting wasted, take time for yourself, and get rest.  Or else you may have gained new experiences but lost good friends.

My friends that are still my friends.

2 thoughts on “Have Your Friendship Survive a Eurotrip

  1. Glad you survived it and finished the tour still friends.
    I’ve done a lot of solo trips, I thought I do it because none of my friends could join me but then I realized, traveling with someone isn’t really my thing. Unless it’s my husband. Lol.


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