More changes

So I lost my job.  My contract was until December and they decided to not renew until the end of the year.  Maybe it was because of my experience, my lack of Spanish or the fact that the positions at this school are usually very hard to get because of the high pay and options to live in Spain long-term.

I was a little depressed and stressed out over winter break.  I did have a great time but the cloud was hanging over my head.  I got a new job teaching business English.  It’s less pay and lots of commuting all over the city.  After a week of this job I just feel like it’s not for me.  Perhaps if I had started with business English I would be okay but the drastic changes between jobs is much more anxiety than I anticipated.

It’s hard enough to move to a foreign country. People get “expat fever,” which is a mix of the new kid feeling + homesickness + culture shock rolled into one dreading feeling of anxiety. It’s normal for everyone’s first year to feel this.  However when you insert the fact I’ve had very little financial stability (which I thought was what I paid TTMadrid for).  My parents and I agreed that it is best for me to just call it and go somewhere new.  I have some savings from working here so I might as well go for broke.

The first stop is Tel Aviv. I got a account and found a job in Tel Aviv at a small, new hostel in Jaffa. The owner seems very nice. I get free accommodation and breakfast for 71 days.

After that I have a ticket to Prague.  Prague is the last city that’s on my European bucket list.  I really want to see Sedlec Ossuary and Brno’s monastery.  I’m going to take 4 days there and explore.

The next stop is New York City because it is much cheaper to go from Tel Aviv to Prague to New York City to Albuquerque than straight from Tel Aviv to Albuquerque or from Prague to Albuquerque.  I also have a friend’s couch I’m going to crash on and hopefully get some cuddles from her cat for two days.

Next, I’ll come home but I have placed all my paperwork to come back to Madrid via BEDA or the Spanish Government.  Perhaps with a different program, I can have different results.  I will apply to some jobs in Los Angeles.

It’s very sad to leave but at the same time I think it’s going to be a much bigger adventure to move to Tel Aviv for a bit.

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