Saying Goodbye to Madrid

It’s kind of hard saying goodbye to Madrid.  I kind of felt like a failure for not being able to cut it out here.  I really just had some bad luck and now I’m hoping to get some more experiences in Israel.  Basically, the job I got out here wasn’t paying enough for me to stay and I was on the metro more than I was teaching.   I probably could have tried harder but at the end of the day I want to enjoy being abroad not having anxiety over money and work.  I’ve always dreamed of doing workaway so this is my chance to see how this works out.

I’m leaving some great friends and some amazing experiences but there are new things on the horizon for me.  So I have to say goodbye to tapas and canas for falafel and wine, desert for beaches and churches for synagogues on my newest endeavor in Israel.  Believe me, I know I’m very lucky to get to do all of these things.  I worked hard, had a little help from my parents and learned to budget to make all these trips come true.

While I’m sad to leave I’m so excited for another wave of culture shock and another bundle of new experiences. And I’m also counting down the days until I get back to Albuquerque.  I even made a list of things I want to do.

Get Home List:

Have a burrito with green chile

Take a long bath with bubbles

Go hike in the Sandias

Sleep in my comfy bed

Drink good beer a Tractor

And of course see all my family and friends.

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