Don’t Believe the Internet: School Lunches

So this picture has gone viral.  Among the controversy of Michelle Obama’s changes to school menu, people are trying to look at other countries for a better solution.

Let me clear something up!  I worked at a school in Spain and I had cafeteria duty every Tuesday.  So I know what Spanish lunches look like.  They are not fancy and pretty like this.  usually they are:

  • Chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, fries and flan
  • Rice with tomato sauce and a fried egg
  • Pasta with tomato sauce and a side of yogurt
  • Soup with noodles, chickpeas, cabbage, onions and pork with a side of bread
  • Chicken with a side of steamed vegetables

Sometimes there were sides of salad with tuna and tomatoes.  There was usually bread and yogurt available.

They did not have more than 3 items on a plate.  I never saw shrimp, ever! There is usually pork and sometimes chicken.  I rarely saw beef and never saw fish let alone seafood.  The bread was a plain baguette not a seasoned bun. Gazpacho is sometimes served at school but it was a generic store bought kind not a fresh puree.  Fresh lemons and garnishes are just an absurd embellishment.  The women making the food throw the slop on a plastic plate as quickly as possible.

Now, if I know for a fact Spain’s lunches don’t look like this, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the rest of these are far fetched as well.

Yes, America needs to work on better lunch options.  There needs to be a balance of taste, cost and nutrition. The answer lies somewhere with less fried meat and more vegetables.  It’s cheap to have a basic starch with a decent sauce, for example pasta with tomato sauce and peas or rice with pesto and broccoli.  People don’t know what nutrition is.  They don’t understand the difference between eating rice over pasta (rice has less starch), the difference between chicken and beef (beef has more fat) and why vegetables are so important (vitamins and minerals).

There is a problem with America’s nutrition awareness but at the end of the day just don’t buy this stupid propaganda,

an example of the stew they serve in Spain
A example of the new American lunch under Michelle Obama’s new regulations

6 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Internet: School Lunches

  1. Doesn’t make any sense how we’re one of the richest countries in the world, but feed are children literal garbage. I’d have all the meals here except the United States’


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