Hostel Life

I found a while ago.  My ESL teacher friends and I would lurk on the website to see all the cool jobs available.  Sometimes I daydreamed about working on an alpaca farm in the Negev Desert or taking care of dogs in Grenada or teaching children in Nepal.  So when this job in Madrid ended, I wanted to finally live out my little fantasy of random jobs around the globe. has positions everywhere in the world. You can choose an area, a type of job and when you are coming.  Jobs are usually about a week or more.  They can include a variety of jobs such as teacher, receptionist, farmer and eco-projects.  It’s generally in exchange for a bed at the minimum.  It can include food, lessons, transportation or actual money.  It all depends on the host and the details are usually included in the description.  It’s important to clarify the trades before you commit.

  • Make sure to ask:
  • -What type of accommodation (shared room or not, single or double bed etc…) make sure they guarantee a bed, some jobs don’t guarantee a bed. They give you a couch or a floor.
  • -if accommodation has a restroom or compost toilets (especially if you are doing a eco-project)
  • -if they include food and how many meals
  • -sometimes they include lessons like in languages or skills
  • -don’t forget to inquire about allergies such as I don’t like smoking in the house, I’m allergic to cats and I’m vegetarian.  In my e-mail to potential hosts I included this information.
  • -clarify the minimum duration of work
  • make sure to be personal in your message.  These hosts aren’t just looking for employees.  they are looking to include you in a community.  They want to make sure you are a fit for their environment.  Yes, you work in exchange for basic needs but you are also exchanging ideas and experiences.

It is 23 euros for a single person or 30 for a couple, for an account for two years.  This is unlimited access to jobs offers around the globe!

This is my first experience.  I’m working at a hostel called Milk and Honey, it’s in Tel Aviv.  My duties include cleaning, reception, making breakfast, helping customers, and handling money.  I work about 20 hours a week more or less, sometimes duties can be a project such as curtains or artwork.                                                                  In return, I get a bed in a shared dormitory and breakfast. The minimum I have to work is a month.  I committed to six weeks.

Hostel Life

Living in a hostel has lots of pros and cons

  • Pros
  • -meet lots of people and go out
  • -I live in the city
  • -it is easy work
  • -there’s a little community of employees here and we can really bond
  • Cons
  • -there’s a lot of people
  • -sometimes people snore
  • -sometimes the showers aren’t warm
  • -you don’t get a lot of private time

So far I love it!  I’ve met some really inspiring people here.  It’s great to meet other travelers and learn about how the travel and hear their experiences. We’ve enjoyed living together and experiencing this amazing city.  There have been nights where it is hard to sleep and sometimes the guests are annoying.  But then there are nights where we watch movies, talk, sing around a guitar and more.

I think I’d want to try more workaway jobs in the future, when I have more savings.  So far the future includes this until March 22nd, then Berlin, then New York for a week and then home to Albuquerque. Nothing else is really in stone yet.  I might stay in an America, get another teaching job abroad or find a different job where I can travel.  I hope travel is in the future whether it is working abroad or saving up then going for a trip.  Everything for this trip is coming to an end.

Going Home

I’m really excited to come home and enjoy some simple comforts for example, a long soak in a bath, green chile burritos, craft beer and of course my family and friends. I’m really ready to go home on one hand and on the other I could travel forever.

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