Carmel Market

Carmel Market or Shuk Ha’Carmel is my favorite place to shop for food.  It’s Tel Aviv’s largest marketplace. There’s so many organic and fresh produce for cheap.  The spice booths are my favorite.  You can get interesting spice mixes to liven up any platter.  Then of course pastries are everywhere. It’s the best place to find cheap and delicious falafel.  If you are a foodie this will be your spot.

It does get hectic and crowded during the afternoon.  Be careful and if you are claustrophobic, avoid this place. Also, vendors don’t label things so you have to ready to haggle. Don’t be afraid to be stern because yes, they are trying to take advantage of tourists.

Carmel Market was started in the 1920’s when Russian immigrants began a market.  It became so successful the government encouraged its growth.  Now it is a huge tourist attraction in Tel Aviv.  Carmel Market is a must see for any tourist.

There’s a lot of stuff: produce, fish, falafel, pastries, clothing, candy, gift stands (menorahs, keychains, shirts etc…) and more. It’s a beautiful walk from Milk and Honey Hostel to Carmel Market.  The seaside to your left and then the market is to your right.

My Hebrew isn’t great and most people know English but here are some phrases. For more check out

Shalom- Hello

Kama ze- How Much?

Slicha, kama ze ole?- excuse me how much is this?

Be seder- I’m fine

To da- Thank you

Bevakasha- please

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