Being Vegetarian: Spain versus Israel

Now most people wouldn’t compare these countries.  In many ways they are opposites, pork vs falafel, Catholicism vs Judaism, dogs vs cats etc… But these are the only two countries, other than America, I can say I’ve lived in.

I’ve discussed this before but Spain is not vegetarian friendly.  The main tapas you can get is queso manchego (cheese and bread) or tortilla de española (egg and potato omelet).  Spain is all meat and bread.  It’s definitely not a healthy diet for anyone to just eat eggs, bread and cheese.

It was really limiting to eat out.  Half the time I would eat at home before meeting with friends for dinner because if we went for tapas, I couldn’t eat any of them. The only place where I could get a hearty meal out were the Indian restaurant in Lavapies.

Israel has one of the healthiest diets in the world.  People eat tons of vegetables, lots of chickpeas and rice.  So many people are vegetarian or at least limits their meat consumption.  I’ve met so many vegans and vegetarians here it’s amazing.

I can go out to eat anywhere with no problems. I can grab a falafel and hummus for pretty cheap.

I gained ~10lbs after 5 months from Spain. I lost all of that and a little more after three weeks in Israel.

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