Purim in Tel Aviv

So Purim is like carnival.  People dress up and get drunk for like a week.  There’s lots of street festivals which you will want to go to instead of the expensive clubs.  The best resources are of course facebook, secrettelaviv.com or diytelavivguide.com.  Secret Tel Aviv is definitely the best one.

The story of purim in a nutshell is the king of Persia married a girl named Ester because she was pretty.  He had no idea she was Jewish or what her favorite color was.  So then when one of his advisors got mad at a Jewish man for not bowing to him, the advisor suggested to murder all the Jews.  Because that’s logical. Ester was like, oh that’s not good.  So she threw a big party and told her husband, if you kill the Jews you kill me.  And he was like, “Oh, I murdered my last wife, maybe I should start compromising a little.”  So he killed the advisor that suggested genocide to solve his personal dispute.  Then he promoted Ester’s uncle to an advisor position.

So now we celebrate Ester, asking the king not to kill our people.  So we just get really drunk and dress up but it’s for religious purposes.

a street party
I’m a hippie and that’s my cousin and her friend from Haifa
my co-workers and I going to a street party at night
random rooftop party They are literally everywhere.

purim6 purim4

2 thoughts on “Purim in Tel Aviv

  1. Great way to party! I didn’t knew the story of ester..and i bet the princess was beautiful to part her with that the king decided to change his mind..haha..and yes, I see atleast three different women using dark stain lip color..wow, you seem to be a very influential person 😀


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