Gardens Around the World

So Haifa is a little town and hour and a half outside of Tel Aviv.  It’s a great little day trip from Tel Aviv. Haifa is beautiful with a beach and small town vibe.  The only thing is this town is tiny but not walk able. It is a town built on a mountain so everything is on a vertical slope.

The biggest attraction to Haifa is the Ba’Hai Gardens.  Now if you are a part of Ba’Hai it’s probably pretty cool.  If you aren’t, it still might be cool.

I think I’ve gotten to that point where I am jaded by things.  Like I’ve been to Alhambra in Granada, Spain and now I’ve been ruined.  I can never go to a garden again without comparing it to Alhambra.

Anyway, Ba’hai you have to dress conservative.  Don’t worry about the shrine.  Everyone was like, “The shrine closes are noon so you have to go so early!”  Guess what the shrine is?  It’s an ugly carpeted room with a ton of candles.  I was so unimpressed. I thought it would be nice and ornate, but no.

Then the garden is cool because it has a lot of beautiful desert plants. Since I’m from the desert I appreciate a good cactus garden. It has a nice view of the city. The thing is it’s tiny.  You can walk around it in like 15 minutes.  I didn’t go up to the other level because it’s a hard walk.  I didn’t want to make the effort to take the bus and be unimpressed again.

I was glad I have a cousin to have lunch with so I didn’t feel like a big waste of time.

Alhambra is a huge Muslim castle with vast gardens in south of Spain.  It took me 4 hours and I still didn’t through the whole garden. For some reason Washington Irvin went there and wrote an essay about it.  DO NOT get the audio guide by Washington Irvin.  I have never heard the phrase, “delicious arches,” so many time and my life.  What does that mean? You fail as a writer if you use the same description three times in a piece.  Washington Irvin, you failed.  Sorry!

Anyway, this is my not so professional reflections about my trip to Haifa. I hope you enjoyed.

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