Santa Fe Side Stops

I had to go to Santa Fe for some visa paperwork.  It feels like a puzzle putting it altogether.  I still have one more trip to Santa Fe, a few offices to visit and finally a trip to Houston, before I can officially submit.

Santa Fe is the city that inspired Wiley Coyote, houses Georgia O’Keefe’s masterpieces and is the mecca for turquoise jewelry.  This time around I didn’t go to The Old Town Plaza for the classic galleries and Mexican food.  I did pull over to snap some shots of the scenery off the freeway.  I think people underestimate how beautiful the desert can be.  It’s often used as a metaphor for nothingness, a place devoid of life or hope.  But when you look out into the rolling landscape, there’s plenty out there.  There’s trees, flowers, coyotes and roadrunners.  It’s filled with life.

The weather has been fairly wet so there was a little green.  What was really shocking to me was the amount of trash on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  Why can’t people toss their trash at a gas station instead of throwing it out of the window?  Imagine how many lizards have gotten a concussion from a mini thrown out of a car going 60 miles per hour? From what I could tell, a lot!

Enjoy some desert views!


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