The Love/ Hate Tag

Thank you Sheena Lakhani for the nomination!  She has a great blog so please check her out.  For this contest the participating bloggers have to write 10 things they love, 10 things they hate and nominate 10 blogs.  It’s a great way to get a little more personal and introduce you to some new blogs!   Enjoy!

10 Things I Love (other than family and friends)

1. Dogs

2. Sloths


3. Yoga

4. playing with eye shadow


5. singing in my car


6. exploring new cities

7. vegan food

8. laughing until I cry

9. dancing like no one is watching


10. trying a new recipe

10 Things I Hate (aside from crimes against humanity)

1.  Grown ass women in jean skirts

2. Grown ass men wearing obscene graphic t-shirts


3.  People that don’t understand my love for sloths


4.  Accidentally stepping on snails

5. People that say things like, “My food eats your food,” “I didn’t get all the way up the food chain to salad,” etc…


6. Catcalling


7. People confusing they’re, their, there.

8.  Fast food

9. The sound of metal scrapping against metal

10.  Having to wash my hair

Some blogs that I’ve been following and who’ve been supportive of my endeavors as well.  Pay it forward, people!

Spicy Road

Darwin on the Rocks and Around the World

Anne Frankenfurter 

Little House By the Ferry

The Snow Melts Somewhere

The Mad Woman in the Attic

Stephanie Nicole


The Fashion Hunttress

Of Dreams and Wanderlust

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