My DIY Beauty Routine: Use Your Kitchen for a Prettier Complexion

This summer, I started making my own face wash for a few reasons.

  1. I was having skin problems.  My biggest problem was eczema and dark circles under my eyes.  I also struggled with small breakouts and oily skin. 
  2. Sometimes, it is hard finding the brands I use in America in other countries. 
  3. A lot of the ingredients are just weird.  I mean what are we ACTUALLY putting on our faces???
  4. It’s just expensive. I love buying toiletries and make-up but at the same time it takes a huge part of my budget. If I want to travel more I need to look for creative ways to cut corners. 

So I went to pinterest to research. giphy I had seen a few articles here and there but after a few late evenings, I figured out what I wanted to put in my face wash.  Then after a few trials and errors I found a combination of regular kitchen ingredients to put on my face. And now, I’ve been using this routine for a few months and I really love it.

First, I have a travel size bottle.  Then my base is about a 1/6-1/8 of the bottle is oil (I’ve used coconut oil, olive oil and baby oil in the past), about 1/8 of the bottle is vinegar (I’ve used balsamic and apple cider) then of course water. For some extra punch, I add ~15-20 drops of essentials oils.

Right now, my face wash is olive oil, lavender oil, balsamic vinegar, honey and water.


Why I use what I use:

  • Oil: I prefer coconut oil because it doesn’t leave as much of a greasy residue as olive oil and it’s more effective than baby oil. Oil cleans makeup nicely. Oil is also really important to me because I have eczema so I need something that calms irritation and moisturizes gently.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar has strong PH balancing properties, it cleans well and helps regular sebum residue (the stuff that makes pimples).
  •                 Balsamic Vinegar: Is best for oily skin and acne.  It moisturizes giving the skin a silky feel, great for skin elasticity and rich in vitamins.
  •                 Apple Cider Vinegar: is more widely used in the DIY community because it’s cheaper in America (in Spain it’s about the same price).  It has the same PH balancing properties as balsamic.  Apple cider vinegar works equally well for dry and oily skin.  It also tightens pores.
  • *(I’ve used apple cider vinegar with stale beer for a hair mask.  The vinegar detangles and brightens hair as well as regulates PH which treats oily hair and dandruff.  The beer has vitamins that create volume)  Extra Ideas
    • I personally prefer balsamic because it moisturizes more and cleans off make up better than apple cider vinegar.  Either way, make sure you DILUTE vinegar with water or it will create irritation.oils
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils make it fun to create your own personal face wash.  I’ve used tea tree oil before but it was a little too strong for my skin.  I switched to lavender because it’s gentler and has similar properties. I’ve used frankincense oil it has anti-aging properties and tighten pores. 

    • *Start thinking about skin elasticity as soon as possible.  Once the elasticity is gone in your skin it’s difficult to get it back.  Since we are creating our own face wash it doesn’t cost us extra to simply consider using ingredients that can help prevent wrinklesgiphy
    • I love lavender. It’s incredibly handy to have around. The scent is beautiful, it helps anxiety and promotes sleep.YOUR-SKIN-SMELLS-REALLY-GOOD-I-WISH-I-COULD-WEAR-IT-meme-963 It is has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties for a great clean.  This isn’t just about skin but I also use it for cleaning my makeup brushes.  When diluted with water it can be used as a DIY air freshener or a yoga mat cleaner. You can also use it in cooking, which can be tricky but I’ve tried it in baking and had success. It’s also a natural and better smelling bug repellant and bug bite treatment. This is especially important when you are traveling.  I would just dab a little of my face wash behind my ears and on my wrists as a bug repellent.Lavenderessentialoil
  • Honey:  is known for anti-aging properties. Raw honey has enzymes that clean pores and brightens complexion. It’s known for fading scars, treating acne, treating sunburn and hydrating skin.  (For hair, gives shine to hair, retains moisturizer and strengthens hair follicles.) hoeny

Whatever you decide to make your face wash out of make sure your mixture WITHOUT WATER is less than a ¼ of the a travel size bottle.  These ingredients can be harsh on the skin without dilution.

Cost of my DIY face wash

  • Lavender Oil 6.40 Euros
  • Olive Oil 1.30 Euros
  • Balsamic vinegar 2 Euros
  • Honey 3 Euros
  • Equals: ~12.70

My face wash doesn’t use very much of any ingredient and I’m really bad at math.  But let’s say in total my face wash uses a 1/16 of each ingredient (I know it uses way less than that), my face wash costs less than 0.76 of a Euro.  Compare that to a “cheap” face wash at the supermarket ~5 Euros!  And I use all of this stuff for everyday cooking anyway!

Using Used Coffee Grounds in My Routine: coffee-beans-coffee-grounds

Exfoliation is an important part of skin care. I used to use salt but that would dry out my skin and sometimes cause irritation.  I’ve found coffee grounds to be much gentler.  I chose this ingredient for a few other reasons too: I have it lying around anyway; Caffeine is known to be great for baggy eyes and reducing inflammation; Coffee has antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

  • For my lips, I mix a ½ a tsp of coffee grounds with splash of olive oil then vigorously rub for the count of 30. Exfoliating your lips is especially important if you are a lipstick lover; it makes application much smoother.
  • For my face, I use a tbsp of used coffee grounds, a few drops (no more than 5 drops) of lavender oil, olive oil (¼ of a tsp), and (honey ½ of a tsp). I can use it as an exfoliation wash in the shower or as a mask.  I exfoliate twice a week to keep my complexion clear and smooth (don’t over exfoliate or it will cause irritation).
  • I also have created a scalp mask for my hair.  It contains a little more than a tablespoon of coffee grounds, a ½ a teaspoon of honey, 10 drops of lavender oil and a ¼ of a teaspoon of olive oil.  I massage it into my scalp put my hair in a bun and let it sit for a 2-3 minutes.

I’ve seen a lot of great results from using coffee grounds.  My skin is clearer, my lipstick looks smoother and my puffy eyes are better.

*I use coffee grounds sparingly because too much will create some serious plumbing issues.

PSA:  Aside from DIY toiletries, I really want to stress using sunscreen every day.  The sun and smoking are the two things that will give you premature wrinkles.  I use 30 SPF moisturizer everyday under my makeup and when I’m traveling I wear it everywhere, everyday.  I promise you will tan even if you are wearing sunscreen but a nice tan for the season is NOT worth premature wrinkles. skin6

I Hope This Was Helpful

I’m not a DIY blog or a DIY queen.  But as a traveler, vegetarian and a girlie girl, it’s important to me to be able to create a beauty routine I can use while I’m traveling, something not tested on animals and of course, makes my skin squeaky clean.  This is my routine and my skin is unique to me but I hope this at least sparks some ideas for people about changing their beauty routine.

I hope this blog post helps you save money, give you some new beauty ideas and proves to be helpful!


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