My Time in Athens, Greece

I only had a few days in Greece.  I was actually supposed to work at a yoga retreat in Greece but due to the banking crisis I was a bit worried.  So when I talked to m workaway host for some reassurance, my host became a bit aggressive over email I had to cancel. So I decided to just visit Athens, Greece for a few days and proceed to Spain.  I do wish I spent more time Greece and went to the islands.

I stayed at the Zeus Hostel.  It was a subpar hostel.  The room was tiny and didn’t have not enough outlets. The bathroom didn’t have sinks because the room has a tiny sink.  There wasn’t a common area or kitchen, just a terrace that was really dirty.  At least, the wifi was great and my bed was comfortable. My room also had a balcony.

Since I had a limited amount of time I went on a walking tour that my hostel Zeus Hostel had to offer.  It’s called something like Athens Free Walking Tour.  The tour guide was British and very knowledgeable as well as entertaining.  He took us to through a busy square, through old ruins of churches, markets and more.  Then he led us up this large hill, he explained the ruins on the hill were once houses but now it’s an area where the youth comes to drink with a view.  The view was amazing with a view of the city, Acropolis and other monuments.  After a tour of all the Athens sights, he took us to a little restaurant where for 10 euros we had a beautiful authentic Greek meal with tons of food and wine.

I went to the Acropolis museum then the next day the Archaeology Museum.  I would honestly skip the Acropolis Museum.  The only thing cool about it is the floor is see through so you can see old ruins.  It’s just a bunch of Athena monuments.

The Archaeology Museum is really cool with a large collection of Greece, Roman and Egyptian items. It was impressive how large and diverse the collection was.  I spent about 2-2 1/2 hours at the museum.  Then the rest of the day I spent wandering around my neighborhood looking at little shops and found a nice restaurant.

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