Praying for Paris and other thoughts

There had been rumors of a foiled terrorist attack in Madrid.  I, like many other people, assumed/ hoped it was just rumors.  But now Paris has been brutally attacked and it has shaken everyone to their core ( or should). There’s a very real feeling of, “that could have been us.” Madrid had a terrorist attack many years ago and then rumors of ISIS targeting Madrid, yet again, has shivers going up and down our spines.  People don’t want to go out.  There is an eerie rush in every footstep to make it home, a sadness filling the streets and unavoidable thoughts of “what if it was my loved one.”

And I know people are going to say, “It wasn’t just Paris.” 1. France is close to me, geographically 2.  It’s the most publicized so it’s the most visible therefore more jarring to me. 3. France is a first world country with military intelligence and the fact it can get hit makes it scary for other seemingly protected countries.  But yes, my condolences to Beirut, Mexico, Japan and Iraq.  I can’t imagine losing a loved on like that, I can’t imagine how scared those citizens are and I can’t imagine what kind of future they will have as they have to rebuild.

This event will shape international relations as the world’s nations unite and collide to cope with this growing threat.  And of course, it has changed the shape of every French person’s perspective. Each one of them remembering where they were when they found out and then the gruesome details after that.  Americans, all too well, remember that feeling.  And it’s a feeling we all still carry with us.  There is a fragility even in a powerful nation. Life is a fleeting moment.  And hate is all too strong of a motivation to do the darkest of the darkest deeds.

Now I have a couple things to get a little preachy about.  And if you know me, you know I’m a bit of chatty Kathy with a strong opinion.

  1.  Albuquerque, I am really f***ing disappointed in you.  Two days after the terrorist attack Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm fought.  Holly Holm won and she’s from Albuquerque.  Great!  I was happy and proud for a MOMENT!!! Then I saw some b******** like pictured below.  This is insensitive, tasteless and I know it wasn’t just Albuqueruqe posting but a lot of you were.  If you are from New Mexico and you have social media, you were talking about this event.  I think most people I lurked on posted it to say how tasteless this was and then some just were so ignorant they were unfazed.  The French flag filter is just another trend to them and this is just another event.  Americans get so disconnected because they just don’t think any other person matters but their people or any other country matter because it’s not their country.  And I wish this could be cured but the only way this can be cured is with better, more inspired teaching of History and International Relations (which we don’t have because we rather invest in guns) and simply getting out of the country to connect with the rest of the world. So to reiterate: WTF don’t f****** post this type of stuff because it is disrespectful and to put it to you in dummy’s guide to not offending terrorist victims, this is like you being Ann Coulter when she called the 9/11 widows harpies milking their time in the spotlight and enjoying their husband’s deaths.  No one should wants to be Ann Coulter, even her. ronda-rousey-memes_5
  2. I know everyone is saying this but I’m going to reiterate even though I’m a little blog with almost not pull BUT every Muslim is about as different as every Christian (oh, I include Catholics in this statements).  Not every Catholic priest molests children, not every Muslim is a terrorist; not every Mormon is a polygamist like not every Muslim is anti-woman. I wish I could make more comparisons but I don’t know the differences between Christianities because I’m Jewish.  BUT grab lunch with a Muslim before you try to crucify them.  I know I have enjoyed my time having Muslims take time to explain their beliefs.
  3. Don’t be scared of dying in a terrorist attack because you are more likely to die in a car accident, falling in your home or heart disease.  They win when we fear so much we lose our lives, metaphorically.
  4. All we can do is live our lives, love our loved ones and try to be good people to those around us.  Being kind is the easiest way to fight terrorism.

2 thoughts on “Praying for Paris and other thoughts

    1. KKK are Christian terrorists. Westboro Baptist Church may not bomb people but they aren’t nice. There was a Jewish terrorist in Jerusalem this summer, stabbing people. So no, not every terrorist is Muslim and not every Muslim is terrorist.


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