Things I’ve Learned from Traveling

I turned 25 last week.  While I may not have everything in life figured out, I think I have a few pieces of wisdom to share from my 1/4 of a century on Earth.  Here are my little nuggets of wisdom with some fun GIFs for your Monday enjoyment.


Things don’t matter people and moments matter.  Keep your suitcase small and photo library large because you’ll lose all those trinkets eventually but you can back up your photos.

Don’t take things so seriously.  Nothing really matters in the end.  Just have fun with the life you have.weirdasfuck

Enjoy the quiet moments: when you can look out to the ocean and really listen to the waves or breathe the crisp spring air or listen to a man play his ukulele at the park.wander4


Anyone can change your life or your mood if you just let them into your world for a moment.

People generally mean well, but of course, generally mean well for themselves before others.


Being alone is better than being around negativity and with a book you are never alone.


Dogs and cats actually have different personalities around the world.  I know it’s strange but cats in Tel Aviv are much friendlier than in America. And French dogs don’t even look at people other than their owners.


When in doubt: t-shirt, leggings, light make up and a ponytail.  It really doesn’t matter the culture, it generally works.

There’s no sense in comparing yourself to anyone.  We are all looking for the path to happiness but we all take drastically different paths.  We can learn from each other’s differences rather than comparing.


Wandering is always a good idea. You can see a whole different part of the city you would have never expected.


There’s no reason to stick to routine.  Mediocrity is a second class existence. Also, switching up your routine will really throw your stalkers off.

Rethinking your entire life doesn’t have to be a tragic breakdown but just illumination to a better path. wander3

Question everything because ignorance is not bliss. Travel means you can see things for yourself rather than claim stupidity.


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