Obligatory New Year Post

I was lucky enough to travel this winter break.  I met up with some cousins in Frankfurt, Germany then traveled through Salzburg, Vienna and Prague.  My 2016 started off great with amazing people in Prague. lab3

I might be going to carnival in Cadiz and Morocco in March.  My job in Spain is until June though I may try to leave in May so I can travel through Asia.  Nothing is set in stone. Then I’ll be moving back to Albuquerque to take some classes and work to save money.  I will be broke and possibly in a little credit card debt by the end of this year but that’s normal and worth it.


Then if all goes well, I’m planning on moving to Los Angeles by March of 2017.  I have family and friends there, so it seems like the easiest place to begin.  I’ll be looking to finally starting my career in professional writing. But of course, I’ll have goals of traveling to Australia and Chile in the future. It’s not like I’ll stop traveling.

I’m a bit nervous to move to the US again because the economy seems a bit rocky and the political climate isn’t great and there’s a Bulgarian psychic that said it’s about to fall to the ground not to mention the super volcano. lab5

However, I feel like I need to be back in my country for a bit.  I’m homesick and I’m ready for the comforts about America again.

I did think long and hard about moving to New Zealand so I could keep traveling and avoid America. However it’s a lot more money and I do know what I want my career to be.  There’s no reason to keep delaying.  And after a year or two in Los Angeles, I can always move to New Zealand or something.  It’s a whole new venture into adulthood that’s scary but I won’t stop exploring and I’m staying optimistic.lab1

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Be healthy
  • Watch less television
  • Write more
  • Work on creative writing more
  • Stay positive


P.S. RIP David Bowie.  I hope you enjoyed the GIFs in his honor.

3 thoughts on “Obligatory New Year Post

  1. I enjoyed your post and tried to think if I was a friend meeting you for coffee. After the greeting hug and we got our drinks with the obligatory whipped cream and ooh and ahh ‘d the first sip; I listened to your plans. Since you seem to have the freedom to choose, why LA? Why not a small community where there are other writers and you don’t need a car, can ride a bike, or just use a bus? I imagine there are many places like that from Port Townsend WA, to Fort Lauderdale FL. Enjoy your drink, see you next time.

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    1. I’m so glad you felt that way! I have family and friends in LA and there’s lots of copy writing jobs. I think it would be a good place to experience for a few years. But if it wasn’t for family I would lean towards Seattle or Denver.

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