The Sounds of the VonTrapps & Mozart: Salzburg


My hostel, Yoho International Youth Hostel, was lovely.  The rooms and bathrooms were spacious and clean.  They played The Sound of Music every night.  This was a great motivator to go out and see the sights.  There was a small kitchen area, a bar and a restaurant.  However, I would skip the restaurant.  The food was overpriced and disgusting but their beer specials were great. The staff was very nice as well.

Getting Around

Everything is walking distance.  I didn’t use any public transportation.  I downloaded Salzburg Ulmon and it was helpful finding things.


I got a good full meal of vegetarian schnitzel and salad for 8 euros.  Since it was Boxing Day not a lot was open but most things were well priced. You can find cheap street food easily for 2 euros or nice restaurants for under 10 euros.

Day One

I went to Salzburg on the day after Boxing Day.  My bus from Frankfurt arrived late at night.  So the first thing I did was get some food, beer and watched The Sound of Music.  I woke up early the next day to see all the sights.

Day Two

I walked around the city center then I went to the famous Café Tomaselli. It’s a very posh café with great coffee and I had fried eggs (which I would suggest getting a pastry instead).  It was 8 euros but it was very fancy and worth it.

One of the smaller squares

Then I went to the House of Mozart. There’s a ton of different Mozart places in Austria and this was the house Mozart grew up in. It’s pretty essential to visit at least one Mozart sight.  It’s 7.50 euros, overpriced but the exhibit lovely.  You can view the pianos Mozart learned to play on and discover more about his upbringing.

Then I went to Palace Mirabella.  There were some exterior scenes from The Sound of Music were shot and there’s a famous gnome garden, I couldn’t find.  It has beautiful gardens and statues. The entrance is free.  There were also lovely musicians playing songs from the sound of music.

Mirabella Palace

Then I walked back to Residenzplatz.  There were lots of Christmas markets, an ice skating rink, beautiful lights and sculptures.  I had also heard there was a little Panorama Museum.  It was like 2 euros.  There’s a beautiful panorama painting of Salzburg. It´s pretty phenomenal to see all the detail work that went into it.  There are a few other paintings of different world wonders.  It was a really lovely little museum and something a bit different.DSCF4771

Then I went towards the castle and stopped at Stifskirsche St. Peter.  This is a little church and it has the cemetery The Sound of Music was shot in.  It was really pretty and quick little walk through.  This was the first time I was scolded for taking photos of graves.  A girl thought it was distasteful but I disagree.  These graves are pieces of art to remember these people and should be appreciated like art. We´ll have to agree to disagree.

St. Peter´s Cemetery

Then I went to Hohensalzburg Castle. It’s on a steep hill so I paid for the 12 euro ticket and took a tram all the way up. It’s a large, fully preserved fort built in 1077.  There are great views, little museums and little churches.  It was expensive but the fort is massive. It’s well worth the visit.DSCF4757

After that I had lunch then just strolled down the quaint streets and along the river.  Finally, I got to Humboldt Terrace.  It’s a beautiful overlook of the city.  The stairs are very steep. It was quite a climb but well worth it.  I even walked further back into a meadow.  It was nice to get a little piece of nature after being in and out of cities for so long.

View from Humboldt Terrace

Then I went back to the hostel for some coffee and got ready for bus to Vienna.


There were somethings I wish I had time to see.  I would have liked to go to St. Augustine Brewery, Nonberg Abbey and Scloss Leopoldskron.  The brwery is famous for great beer.  Nonbery Abbery is the abbey from The Sound of Music and Schloss Leopoldskron is the house from The Sound of Music. I had wanted to visit Hallstatt, Austria to see their famous bone church but it is closed all winter.

Salzburg was a beautiful, quaint little city.  The hill are very alive.  I´m glad I went around Christmas time because the town is overflowing with Yuletide cheer.

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