Retiro on a Tuesday Afternoon








I hosted a nomad I met in Israel for a day. I took him to palacio de ciebeles,  retiro park and el tigre. The perfect itinerary on a budget.  Palacio de Velazquez  had a exhibit on a polish artist, Andrzej Wroblewski, from World War Two. I was very impressed with his abstract art.  Then palacio de cristal had a bone installation.  There’s always some random art and performances in retiro so make time to go.

Palacio de ciebeles has lots of free exhibits then one we saw was from Valencia.  It had some things from Las Fallas, a festival they have in March.

El Tigre was voted more generous bar. For 2.50 euros. You can have a beer and a plate of tapas.

It’s always motivating to meet travelers.  It makes me contemplate what I should do in the future.


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