New Year’s in Prague

Last year I spent New Year’s in Madrid.  It was kind of depressing because most people were gone.  So this year I sprung for New Year’s somewhere cool.  I put up a facebook message in a facebook group asking if other Spain teachers were going to be in Prague too.  We got a lovely group together and spent the evening getting drunk at the Charles Bridge.  The fireworks were all from regular people just lighting shit on fire.  It got a little crazy and thank God if was snowing because at one point people were firing the firecrackers into trashcans.  We drank, watched fireworks and then I went home early because it was just too crazy.  The next day was New Year’s Day is also Czech Independence Day so I went with a group to see the city run firework show.  It was a cheap, fun way to spend New Year’s.  So here’s my gallery!



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