Fun Moments from Being a Teacher in Spain

  • “Milk comes from a cow,” I say. “No leche de gallina!” says a 7 year old. “No it’s not possible.” “No es verdad.” The child begins weeping. giphy
  • ¨What will you do when you graduate?¨ I ask.  ¨Live with my parents.¨ a 17-year-old says.
  • rascals3
  • “What does gold digger mean?” says my 16 year old student.
  • “What would you pack for a trip to London?” I ask my high school students. “A bong.” “How would you pack it?” I say trying not to react because if I do he´ll laugh. rascals2
  • When you turn around and an entire class of 2nd graders are trying to put their foot behind their head. “This is not gymnastics class!  This is English.”
  • My second graders think their cats and sometimes trip me pretending to be a cat.rascals1
  • “Friction, rub your hands together.  The heat you feel is the energy from friction.  Look at your shoes.  They have rough ridges to create friction so you don’t fall.  *10 minutes of 14 students saying “Do I have friction?”  And rubbing their hands together.  The next teacher was like, “What did you do?”
  • “Como se dice el gas de moustaza?”  ¨Mustard gas?¨ ¨ Si!¨rascals5
  • “Puedo hacer una pistol?” says a 3 year old.


There’s plenty of great and sometimes frustrating moments as a teacher.  It’s not a profession I had originally intended but I don’t hate it.

P.S.  I hope you like the Little Rascals movie new and old.

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