Feminicidios: Protest in Spain

After a Valentine’s Day of being lazy, eating junk food and watching Netflix, I saw this graffiti in the metro. I saw it the metro by my house then saw it again in the metro at my school. It seems this was a coordinated protest on Valentine’s Evening.

I asked one of the mom’s I teach for about it.  She said it is meant to be a warning to young girls in relationships that domestic violence is not okay.  In 2015, 48 women were murdered by their husbands. Many victims of domestic abuse reported that they didn´t think there was a problem and questioned why the police were called.

This group wanted to make a statement to all women, do let a man squeeze the life out of you or don´t stay with someone just because you don´t want to be alone.  If your significant other seems to love you while also hitting you it’s not worth it. So they threw pink paint on stairs and wrote anti-Valentine’s day quotes.

We have the same problems in America.  I´ve witnessed plenty of domestic abuse in places I´ve lived.  Why didn´t I do anything?  Well, I let the women know I was there for them but if they can´t see a problem there´s no way to fix it.

What do you think of this?  Any experiences with domestic violence?  Advice for people in the relationship or witnessing the abuse?


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