What is next?!

A life update!  So the deadline to renew has passed.  I’m officially not renewing to teach in Spain.  I just informed my program.  My school had asked me to stay and while I was flattered I knew I didn’t want to renew.  Two years is enough and I want to move on. life4.gif

While I know many nomads tells me, “Travel while you can!  Quit everything! Keep going!”  Then I have friends that are like, “Aren’t you going to start your life?  Don’t you need to start your career sometime? Don’t you want a boyfriend?” Part of why I moved to Spain was to buy time for myself to figure out where I wanted to go next.

I debated a lot of options.  Part of me wanted to travel and another part of me just wants to be home.  Spain was never somewhere I felt at home but I wanted to travel.  The biggest reason I’m not staying in Spain is I’ve had a lot of problems making friends and feeling myself here.  Last year, I had two really good friends and a shitty job and this year I have two good friends and a great job.  I think I can find a better balance for myself somewhere else. I did consider going to New Zealand to find work in my field or au pair.  I even contacted an au pair agency.  Then I looked at humanitarian programs too but I decided not now.


I decided I didn’t want to teach anymore.  This isn’t the career for me.  I love my students and I love my job with my school however I have always wanted to be a writer.  Teaching is a great career but I don’t feel like it’s my talent.  I’m not comfortable standing in front of a room and telling these children how to think.life6

I wrote a post debating graduate school.  I even started studying for the GRE and I contacted different programs.  Part of me wanted to go to graduate school because 1. I know eventually I will have to go 2.  I can take a semester abroad or even apply for a school abroad. But the reality is that I don’t have a teacher recommendation, my GPA was poor and I’m not sure what kind of writing I want to do.  One professor suggested I go into public relations which I would like.  However I think scientific writing can be very interesting, profitable and flexible. And I did study psychology so it would be cool to use those two together.  I also debated creative writing but I’m not sure I’m talented enough for that.  So far I’ve just been getting tons of rejection letters from online lit magazines.  So I’m not sure I should go into a graduate program without being sure of my focus. life3

What will happen to my blog?  I started this blog with the intention to keep traveling but I think two years is enough for now.  I have some major travel goals for the future but I want my base to be in America for now.  Well, unless Trump gets elected…  I’ll still keep blogging. I’ve been experimenting more and more with DIY toiletries. I eventually want to create a YouTube channel concentrating on that, reducing waste and converting to veganism.  I’ve been outlining what direction and vision I want for that and figuring out what I would need to do it properly.

My decision is to go home for a bit.  I will take the two classes I need to apply to a from a graduate program if I should choose to go. I also need to make some money and explore my options as a freelance writer or moving to Los Angeles to find a full time copy writing jobs.life5

Travel Goals:

This summer, I’ll be going to Thailand and the Philippines

In the future, I want to finally go to Mexico, New Orleans and Australia.

I won’t stop traveling but I want to be closer to home for awhile.



P.S.  I hope you like my Miyazaki GIFs.

6 thoughts on “What is next?!

  1. It’s always better to keep moving and pushing, never becoming stagnant. When you find the perfect spot, you’ll grow and flourish without fear of stagnation, but until then, just let yourself flow. Good luck and safe travels


  2. I completely understand where you are coming from. I’m still at Uni and the future scares me on a regular basis. I want to travel and maybe to grad school and maybe travel and maybe do law school and probably travel… Also Mexico is an absolutely amazing country and if you ever want recommendations, I have them! I absolutely love living here 🙂 I can’t wait to see where this blog goes! Buena suerte!


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