25 Lessons in 25 Years

I´m a quarter of a century old. I´ve learned a few things about myself in my 25 years of life. Traveling and finishing college has drastically changed my world view and all of these things are words of advice I would give to my younger self, my poor, confused younger self.

  1. Don´t be afraid to be a bitch.  Bitches get shit done. Put your foot down when you know you should.25life2
  2. Look people in the eyes when you speak and ask people questions.  Try to listen to people and you’ll be a better person for it.
  3. If you lock eyes with an animal and they don´t growl, pet them.25life3
  4. Learn as much as you can.  It´s impressive at parties.25life4
  5. Appreciate people that get things done instead of resenting them for making you work.
  6. Little choices matter.  I’m vegetarian and that reduces my carbon footprint 60% from a meat eater.  Think about your choices whether it’s your diet, plastic consumption, volunteering, whatever. How you can make your own impact in the world.
  7. Let people take their own journey and don´t judge or even try to understand it.  For example, I don´t understand transgender people.   Gender identity is not a problem for me so I respect what they feel they need to do to find happiness but I don´t have to understand it at all.
  8. Most things are a lie like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre is a forgery, George Washington probably didn’t chop down a cherry tree and Jesus was probably had dark skin. It isn’t a bad thing but you keep searching for the truth.lies invader zim 90s nickelodeon 90s kid
  9. No one is stupid but plenty of people give up.25life8
  10. Enjoy the quiet.  Sometimes people get so caught up in trying to be everywhere at once they forget that they are their own best company.
  11. I don´t need technology all the time.  I do not try to buy SIM cards if I´m in a country for less than 2 weeks.  Why?  Because I like talking to people. When I travel with inexperienced travelers, they are constantly trying to talk to someone at home and finding Wifi instead of getting to know new people around them. Get off the internet once in awhile.25life11
  12. Vitamins are important.  Taking iron and vitamin B definitely changed my life.  I was always tired and I couldn´t get anything done.  Now I can function much better. Learning about health is really important. Learning how to take care of yourself is one of the most important journeys you can take.25life7
  13. Make time to be creative.  Blogging is a nice source of creativity for me but I also draw and write short stories too.  Many studies have found taking time to be creative helps productivity and overall happiness.25life9
  14. Create a morning routine.  My routine: wash my face, do yoga with some yoga goals (head stand, shoulder stretch and backbend), meditate, make a to-do list, then I do my make up, get dressed and eat breakfast with a cup of tea. Making a nice routine increased metabolism, productivity and helps you have a better mood.
  15. It´s okay to correct people but don’t be a dick.
  16. I don´t need to talk about my race.  People ask me about it and I don´t need to talk about it, defend it or explain it.  If someone asks I don´t need to say anything.  I´m more than my skin and it´s rude as fuck to even ask.25life10
  17. Make friends with ambition.  You’re friend will lift you up or pull you down.
  18. You don’t have to always go out to have fun.  And you don’t have to hang out with people you don’t like.  It’s okay to say, “No, I’d rather stay in,” or “I don’t like your friend and I’d rather avoid her.”  Your time is valuable and you should spend it how you like.  As I’ve gotten older and re-evaluate what spend my money on and partying has gone to the bottom of the list.  Travel and good food has gone up to the top.
  19. So a lot of people say they’ve learned to forgive and not forget.  And for the most part, don’t waste time and energy on stupid people and stupid situations.yoga forgiveness
  20. Be honest with people.  They appreciate it and if they don’t, fuck ’em.
  21. Your own approval is all that matter because that’s the only person you will ever be able to please and that’s a hard enough mission in it self.
  22. Strive to be better. Strive to be kinder, stronger and smarter by any means.25life5
  23. Make goals and be specific about how to get to those goals. It’s important to have things to look forward to. I have so many people tell about these big dreams with zero plans and they get old and bitter quickly.  I wanted to move to Europe and I madea plan about how to save money, where to go, my visa process and my options.
  24. Volunteer and donate more.  I need to work on this but make donations part of your budget.  In Judaism the tradition is 10% of your budget.
  25. Explore everything. The world, yourself, and knowledge.

I hope some of these nuggest of advice have been helpful.  If not, well that sucks for you.


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