Life Update: I´m Coming Home

I have a family emergency and so I came back to the States on a quick flight.  I left my school about 3 weeks early and canceled all plans to Asia.

I had to say goodbye to my students and they were so loving and asked if I could stay.  Part of me really did want to stay because I was lucky to find a job I like.  I know a lot of people in my program have struggled with their position. But this being my second year I think I´ve finally gotten in the groove of teaching.  

I mostly didn´t renew because I found a hard time making friends. I´ve met some great people but I never felt quite at home like I have in other places.  Part of that might just because I´m shy speaking Spanish and the other part is it´s just hard my friends as an adult.  It´s easy to make a friend for a weekend at a hostel but it´s a far different endeavor to try to find people you want incorporated in your life.  And all the lovely people I connected with here this year and last are leaving anyway.

While I was sad to say goodbye I´m off back home and I still have a few travel posts to come about Cordoba´s Patio Festival and Sevilla´s Flamenco Culture.  

I´ve put off blogging for a weeks because of that and I´ve been questioning for a while what to do with this blog.  I´ve been questioning whether or not I want to start monopolizing it as well. I´ve found people interested in sponsoring me and sadly I´m not in a place to figure out the next step.

My overall plan is to shift my blog more towards topics of sustainability (DIY products and veganism) and local travel in (New Mexico and America) and overall opinion articles.  I have no idea when I´ll be abroad again and the future is a bit hazy at the moment.

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