Seville: Hercules Loves Flamenco


The myth goes Hercules founded the city 3,000 years ago. One would have thought it would have been the god Dionysus because one thing sevillanos know how to do is dance and drink.  Flamenco is on every corner of Seville unlike anywhere I’ve ever seen in Spain.

This city has seen the reign of the Romans and Moors as a major city.  The history is built on every corner with an array of bright architecture.  Seville is has made it to my #1 favorite city to visit in Spain.

Getting There

I had a long weekend to travel somewhere and I chose Seville and Cordoba.  I took a SocioBus. It was 41.75 euros. It was about a 6 hour drive. Sociobus didn’t have Wi-Fi, the seats were a little small but they did have a toilet to use.

I got to my hostel Oasis Backpacker’s Hostel, a little late.  It was great hostel only a 10 minute walk from the bus station. There is a bar, a pool, a huge kitchen and spacious rooms. I loved the little pieces of art in every hall. It brightened up the white maze and made the place feel more welcoming. The drinks were a bit expensive.  I had a really good Capirinha but the sangria was stale. I loved that my room had a terrace, lockers and an outlet for each bed.  This hostel is definitely one of my favourites in Europe.

Day 1

On the first night, I met up with a few people and we decided to find a free flamenco show.  On our way to the famous La Carboneria, we passed a parade celebrating some saint. It was magical to see the streets lit with candles. When we got to La Carboneria, we just had to buy a pitcher of sangria but honestly, I would have bought that anyway.  The sangria was only about 8 euros.  The flamenco show was periodically every few hours.  The real star of the show was an adorable dancing baby in the front.

Day 2

My friend, Cat (a human not an animal. Though I am not opposed to hanging out with actual cat.) and I decided to wake early to go to the Alcazar.  It’s the top sight to see in Seville so the lines to get in are long. It’s a Morrish design palace with huge gardens with peacocks and brilliant tilework.  One interesting room is a little chapel with a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship and a fresco of Columbus as well.  It is a UNSECO Heritage Site.  Apparently, Game of Thrones was even filmed there.

The plaza with the Alcazar also has the Cathedral and Giralda but I chose to not go to either.  I’ve seen enough Cathedrals in Europe and I didn’t want to waste too much money on sightseeing.


A bit east of that was the Archives of the West Indies, a significant building for what built the city of Seville.  Seville was a trade city for the region of Andalusia.

Then we went to the Old Tabacco Factory which is now a college.  I would have skipped that.  Though there are little exhibits the building wasn’t impressive.  However they do have open and clean restrooms so that’s a nice thing to note.

Then one of the major attractions in Seville, Maria Luisa Park.  This is a beautiful vibrant park with Moorish architecture.  The Plaza de España was also phenomenal piece of architecture with amazing tiles and fountains.  Walking around here was a great way to see the city.

Then we walked on the other side of the river up to Triana.  This is a neighborhood with lots of flamenco bars and tapas.

Then we were tired so headed back to the hostel to recharge gadgets, nap and reapply some make-up.  We eventually met up on the terrace of my hostel for drinks with some other guests.  Then in time for sunset we went to Las Setas or the mushrooms.  It’s a large interactive sculpture on top of Roman ruins. It’s gorgeous for catching sunsets.  The ticket is 3 euros and it includes a drink or tapa.

Then we headed back to Triana market for some dinner.  I hated my food but everyone loved the meat dishes.  But we were entertained by an impressive flamenco guitarist.

I didn’t go to any other bas because the next day I went to Cordoba for the Patio Festival.


Seville has so much life to it.  People are constantly playing guitar and dancing flamenco at every turn.  While Alcazar was amazing my favourite place was definitely Las Setas.  I’m a sucker for chasing sunsets. It wins prize of my favourite city to visit in Spain.

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