The city of Cordoba welcomes spring’s flowers with the Patio Festival at the end of May. People flock to the city to visit the patios, drink wine in the streets, indulge in tapas and listen to music. The Patio Festival is a contest between houses, apartments and businesses to decorate their patios with flowers and potted plants.  There are five routes within the city.   The patios are open on the weekend from 11AM-2PM and reopening 6-10 PM.

I had a 4 day weekend.  I spent two days in Seville and I decided to make it over to Córdoba for a day trip.  I wasn’t sure what a patio festival would entail but might as well go if I’m in the neighbourhood!

Before I went to Cordoba, I downloaded some maps.  I downloaded a map of Cordoba from Triposo.  It worked great to get around.  Then I tried to download the map of the patio festival but the app didn’t work at all.  I ended up finding a paper map provided by the festival.  Cordoba is pretty small so it’s pretty easy to get around.

I took a 10 euro bus from Seville to Cordoba around 10AM.  It was a 2 hour ride.  The bus was packed. When I got to the bus station it was about a 20 minute walk through some gardens to get to the old city.

When I got to the main area, I did not expect the patio festival to be wall to wall of people.  There were so many busses of people.  I didn’t even get to go inside the famous mosque.  I did get to pop my head into the old synagogue.  I manoeuvred through the crowds of middle aged Asians, a huge group of deaf latter day saints, pockets of American families on vacation and more.

I met other English assistants on the bus.  We went to this great restaurant Moriles Pata Negra for lunch.  I had the patatas bravas (potatoes and ketchup) and tortilla de espanola con salmoneja (omelette with a tomato sauce). I was so hungry I forget to snap photos of the food.  It was delicious and very affordable. After that I continued to explore other routes leaving Cordoba around 6 PM.

The Patio Festival was a lovely day trip.  The flowers, the food and the city vibrating with celebration was definitely worth the visit.  I definitely suggest making some time for the Patio Festival if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.


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