Swiping Right: Tinder in Spain versus America

The way humans interact has been drastically transforming thanks to media.  One of the driving forces to he new age of human interaction is Tinder.  It’s completely changed the game.

Recently, I had a friend ask me about using Tinder.  Her curiosity got me thinking that Tinder would be a great blog post.  I’ve used it in different countries on two different continents and had some interesting experiences.giphy-1.gif
Attempting to Find Love in Spain

My first year in Spain, I met a girl that swore by Tinder dates.  She helped me set mine up.  I had to have a good close-up, full length, ones with friends (so they know I’m social), travel pics (so they know I’m worldly) and no description because no one reads those and if they know I’m American they’ll try to pimp me out for English practice.  She was so right.


So first, I met some seemingly nice Spanish men.  I set up two dates and was stood up both times. Then I was talking to a nice police officer and everything was fine.  We were planning a date via text and he said, “My apartment or yours?”giphy-2.gif

And I said, “Why don’t we just have drinks and see what happens?” which responds with a dick pic.giphy-3.gif

He responds, “I don’t think you know what Tinder is for.” I guess wanting to get to know a guy before sleeping with him makes me a prude.

It was good to be on Tinder to practice writing in Spanish but if they knew a little English they’d switch to the to practice and even in Spanish it was the same conversation: where are you from?, what do you do? and where do you live?  Spanish men were very forward, not interested in relationships at all and all wanted to learn more English. Dating in Spain was just not my cup of tea.  I never met anyone worthwhile.

Dating in America

When I got back to Albuquerque, I didn’t have a job and I was just taking care of my mom.  So I went a little wild on Tinder dates.  I think I went on like 5 in three weeks.

giphy-4.gifThe perfect date was beers with a casual conversation between us and our bartender would come join in because he found our conversation so fascinating.  However, I felt like the bartender and I more in common than my date.  But we proceeded to Pokémon hunt after the date and then ended the night there.

Another date ,we kept meeting up but he never kissed me so I just gave up.

I met a nice lawyer but then it turned out he was moving to another state so that was a bust.

Now I appreciate that people in America actually attempt conversation and not just try to figure out where to bang.  My conversations with Americans were more personal and it seemed like people were looking for real connections.  Though I did notice Americans wanted to text for awhile before actually scheduling a date.  They didn’t want to waste their time if it didn’t seem like there wasn’t going to be a connection.

My Profile


I got a lot of funny reactions to my bio. The idea of putting my Myers-Briggs seemed practical; it literally show your personality.  My photos were showing I had friends, I have a cute dog and I love travel.

Avoiding the Creeps


Now I think the key to avoiding douchebags is in some key things that my other girl friends who use Tinder have told me:

• Never trust a guy leading with shirtless pics.  Any shirtless pics are kind of just distasteful.

• Must have more than one picture and shows their actual face.

• If they only have sunglass pictures or pictures of their sneakers say, “No.”

• Never assume that dog is theirs.  People are borrowing dogs left and right for a good profile pic.

• If they write a novel for a bio they think they are far too interesting.

Dating and Me Now giphy-6.gif

I’ve deleted my account because nothing was fruitful and now I’d rather just watch Netflix than try to deal with people. But I figure I can share my experience abroad and domestic for all the other lonely 20-somethings looking for love.

P.S.  I took a break from blogging because I started a job and school.  I will still keep posting about travel but I’m going to start branching out a bit to healthy lifestyle stuff and my personal life.  Right now, I’m just saving up for the next big adventure!


4 thoughts on “Swiping Right: Tinder in Spain versus America

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw you included your Myers-Briggs. That’s great. Really interesting post. I know some of my own kids’ friends like Tinder, and others hate it. I guess, like with anything else, you might get just the right, interesting encounter, or………not.


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